Climate Cleanup

This data was last modified in January 2020
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Moezelhavenweg 9
1043 AM Amsterdam

Climate Cleanup is a group of entrepreneurial people who have decided to regenerate nature, draw down 1500 gigaton of carbon dioxide (CO2) using nature based methods, regenerating ecosystems, driving the circular bio-based economy and restoring the carbon balance.

To reverse climate change, two things must be done: stop emissions and remove CO2 – close the tap and mop it up. For the group CO2 removal is not a problem, but a solution. Working with nature, Cimlate Cleanup provides not only the means to remove the excess carbon, but also the resources for the bio-based circular economy.

The consortium loves carbon, as they realize that it is the basic building block of everything that lives. Therefore they have an earthshot plan which they call: Climate Cleanup.